If you are interested in the Media Lab Masters and Ph.D. program, please visit the Media Lab admissions page and the MIT admissions page. All applications go through the Media Lab; individual faculty do not admit students.
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The Personal Robots Group is always looking for good UROPs to help out with our projects. If you are interested in doing a UROP with us, please contact the group member whose work aligns with your interests or contact Dr. Breazeal. We will be posting specific openings on this page soon. More information about UROP can be found on the MIT UROP page.
We participate in both the Things That Think and the Digital Life.To arrange lab visits to see our work as well as that of other groups in the Media Lab that also participate in these consortia, please visit those links.’
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Requests for interviews with either Dr. Breazeal or her students must be coordinated with her administrative assistant Polly Guggenheim, and withAlexandra Kahn at the Media Lab Press Office.
We do not own the rights to some of the images that you see on this website. These rights are held by freelance consultants who produced these images, and by arrangement we have permission to use them to promote our research. If you are interested in the photos that you see on this site, please contact these freelance consultants directory:
Fardad Faridi – 3D renders & animations
Sam Ogden – Photography
Peter Menzel – Photography
Donna Coveney – Photography
Jason Grow – Photography