Tofulandia: Explorations into the Future of Children’s Media

Recent trends in consumer-market 3D motion capture and internet-enabled toys and screens will usher in new media experiences that can extend beyond the confines of the screen and spill into the real world. In doing so, the story world come into the world of the child in a way that is more immersive and supports richly multi-modal experiences.Tofulandia is an early exploration of new ways to bridge digital-physical play experiences. Here, digital content can flow off the screen into the physical world where real-world characters can interact with it and “push” the digital content back into the screen.
This promises to bring new forms of engagement, participation, and learning for children’s media, where children can interact with characters and events on and off the screen, and where digital play can take on many more of the properties of real-world imaginative story-based play with friends and family.