Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar


Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar is a Research Assistant at the Personal Robots Group. He received his Bachelor’s of Sciences in Linguistics and Language Philosophy from the National University of Colombia. His research focuses on exploring mechanisms through which intelligent agents such as robots can engage humans in self-reflective activities. His approach draws from principles of Affective Computing, Cultural Evolution, Cognitive Sciences, Linguistics, and Philosophy. He also contributes to the group on projects related to human-robot storytelling interactions and self-driven learning in the context of literacy. 
Prior to Personal Robots, he worked as part of the Learning Team at One Laptop per Child. He led numerous deployments in Colombia and Argentina and was the Head of Learning and Country Manager for OLPC Rwanda. He worked for several years at the MIT D-Lab as an Instructor and Researcher in the areas of intersection between low-cost technology, education, and waste management. 

Research Projects