blocks_image_11_1Jun Ki Lee

S.M. student in MAS

Jun is currently a master student in the Personal Robots Group. He graduated summa cum laude earning his B.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering in the Seoul National University, Korea. During his undergraduate years, Jun was a member of Samsung Software Membership and participated in team projects which received bronze and silver medal awards. The projects incorporated arts with engineering and were exhibited in two art galleries: Insa and Nabi. With his two colleagues he was the first place winner of the Asian regional contest of ACM ICPC(International Collegiate Programming Contest) in Taipei, Taiwan in 2000. Jun is also a recipient of the Samsung Scholarship.
While pursuing to build an artificial character in the above art installations, he decided his graduate research focus to relate to developing a novel interface to interact with artificial creatures and intelligence for their behaviors. He currently has interest in developing a new interactive game for children with autism which embeds artificial creatures and interfaces to interact with them.