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Ishaan Grover

Ishaan Grover is a Ph.D student at the MIT media lab in the Personal Robots Group where he also completed his Masters Degree. For his Masters thesis, he worked on probabilistic graphical models to predict children’s vocabulary using semantic associations between words they already know and specific “words of interest”. Prior to this, he graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science specializing in artificial intelligence and networking. During his undergrad, he worked on wearable computing and algorithms to help reinforcement learning agents learn from human feedback.

In 2018, he interned at Apple where he worked with the Siri Natural Language Team. In summer 2016, he interned on the Philanthropy team at Palantir developing technologies to help farmers in the Philippines and Colombia. In 2015, he interned at Microsoft on the Identity Driven Machine Learning team building models to detect suspicious login activities.

Research Projects