Heather Knight


Heather Knight is an Masters of Engineering student in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Heather is fascinated by how
charismatic robots could integrated into everyday life at the home, in the office or even on stage. Her research interests include social touch-based interactions between humans and robots, and will be working on the Huggable and MDS robot platforms.
She began working for the Personal Robots Group (formerly the Robotic Life Group) as an undergraduate starting in 2002. She helped to develop a range of mechanical and sensor design projects including the Public Anemone, Cyberflora, Roco, Huggable, and an analog circuit controlled carrot-chasing bunny, Zanahoria. She has also worked at Aldebaran Robotics in Paris, whose robot was recently selected to be the new humanoid platform for Robocup.