Hanna Lee

Hanna Lee is a Masters Student at the Personal Robots Group. Her current research project involves developing interactive reading experiences for children to engage in with social robots, to improve early literacy education. Another goal of the project is to release online tools that allow educators and parents to author content for the new type of interactive storybook that is used in these reading experiences.
Hanna received her Bachelor’s degree in 2017 from MIT, majoring in Computer Science, and minoring in Math and Music. As an undergraduate, Hanna conducted research in the Distributed Robotics Lab at MIT’s CSAIL, where she implemented a system that employs probabilistic methods for realtime state estimation on data from RFID tags and readers, to explore the possibility of using RFID technology as affordable sensors in simple robotic systems for educational purposes. She also conducted research in MIT’s Space Systems Lab, where she worked on the SPHERES project, a distributed set of satellites that were eventually launched up to the ISS. Additionally, Hanna worked on two summer projects at GoogleX, one centered around improving the harnessing of wind energy, and the other centered around robotics. Hanna also spent a summer at a Media Lab spinout startup, which tackles the problem of optimizing the workflow and data analysis capabilities of production engineers and line workers in the manufacturing industry.
Outside of the lab, Hanna enjoys singing, playing soccer, hiking, running, playing piano, traveling, and trying out new foods 🙂