Goren Gordon

Goren received his B.M.Sc, M.Sc. in physics and M.B.A. at Tel-Aviv University in Israel. His M.Sc. research on wave propagation and scattering was done with Prof. Heyman in the department of Electrical Engineering. His first Ph.D. was in Chemical Physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. He researched with Prof. Kurizki dynamical decoherence control of open quantum systems and quantum communication protocols. He also published and developed quantum computer games as an entertaining tool to teach quantum physics. His second Ph.D. was in Neurobiology, also in the Weizmann Institute. Together with Prof. Ahissar he developed novel mathematical models of curiosity and exploration, compared them to animals’ behavior and applied them to curious robots. Goren has more than 40 publications, in several disciplines, most as a first author, several as a single author. His quantum protocols and optimal decoherence controls are highly cited and he was awarded several “best paper awards” in international conferences. His research interests are models of curiosity in children and robots and their interactions, as well as science education for children and the general public.